Clean Room Rubber Machinery

  • Bharaj Offers specially customized clean room machineries with highest quality & highly safe machines with practically zero noise, zero emissions & specially made antiware designed to maintain the environment & meet the stringent rooms of a clean room manufacturing or meet standards of clean room 100000

  • Bharaj made machineries are successfully running in various clean room manufacturing sites world wide & all experience helps us surpass our provision best again & again.

Want to make aerospace component our special machines for expensive polymers?

  • If these are specific rooms or standards to be followed as per our respected customers, specially customized clean room machineries can be made as per customer is special requirements.

  • Specially designed extruders for save cost on extrusion of expensive polymers like FKM etc. After extrusion of material the special design of our extruders help you clean the screw & Beneficiary in long term cost saving of polymer and also pure extruded material without any impurities.


Mixing Mills
Rubber Extruder
Hydraulic Presses
Spaecial Dispersion Kneader
Silicon Strainer/Extruder
High Precision Calendars