• The main function of batch off machine is for cooling and storage of rubber sheet. Then, the rubber sheet after cooling will be delivered to next process.
  • The cooling method of batch off machine can be fan cooling, water cooling and air cooling for matching to different requirement.
  • We have hanger type and flat type (mesh type) batch off machine according to different delivery method of rubber sheet.


  • Hangar Type
  • Mesh Type
  • U Type
  • Fully Automatic with Auto Pickup /Packer/Stacker/Rotary Strip Cooler

Optional Feature

  • Auto Pickup
  • Auto Packer
  • Auto Stacker


Twin Taper Screw Roller Head Extruder, is normally installed at the downstream of mixer. The material after being mixed can be dropped directly in this extruder and be extruded automatically into sheet material. Easy and continuous operation function makes it the best equipment for automation. The machine consists of two taper screw unit and two rollers unit. Easy construct makes it easy for maintenance. When material is being mixed by two taper screws, low inner mixing pressure and excellent cooling effect ensures the stability of physical characteristics and quality of materials. Mass production, saving of time, saving of power.

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